Curry Asia!

by Celeste Heiter

Curry. The word itself conjures up a kaleidoscope of exotic aromas and fiery flavors. From the deep drama of the spices to the heady perfume of the aromatics, curry is a gustatory celebration, an infusion of history and culture. Curry is culinary creativity at its best.

Although curry is most closely associated with India, various regions including the Himalayas, Southeast Asia, Indonesia, the Middle East, West Africa, and the Caribbean islands all add their own richly varied array of dishes to the curry genre.

In Curry Asia! Celeste has created recipes for dishes that represent the cuisine of each country or culture. Some are classics prepared according to tradition; others are her own creations, based upon her perceptions of indigenous flavors and ingredients.

“While I have tried to adhere to traditional ingredients and methods, I have also modified my recipes for ease of preparation, availability of ingredients, and my own sense of taste.”

Curry Asia! is divided into five geographic regions: The Indian Subcontinent, The Himalayas, Southeast Asia, The Islands, and The Far East. Each section focuses on the Asian countries within that region, and features one or more curry recipes from the cuisine of each country. Each section ends with an array of side dishes to complete the meals.

Also included are notes on Where to Find Asian Ingredients, as well as a list of Internet sites that offer ingredients for each country: Cambodia, China, Himalayas, India, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Singapore/Malaysia/Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam

Celeste Heiter

With her lifelong love of Japan, its people and its culture, Celeste Heiter believes that she may have been Japanese in a previous incarnation. In this lifetime, however, Celeste was born in Mobile, Alabama, where she earned a bachelor s degree in Art and English from the University of South Alabama. Inspired by an enduring dream to visit the Great Buddha at Kamakura, she moved to Tokyo in 1988, and spent two years teaching English conversation. Celeste now makes her home in California s beautiful Napa Valley, with the most treasured souvenir of her life in Japan: her son Will, who was born during her stay in Tokyo. She is the author of Vignettes of Japan, Five Seven Five, and The Sushi Book, and is the editor of To Japan With Love.

2016; 7 1/8 x 9 1/2 inches; 256 pages; paperback; color images
ISBN-10: 1-934159-47-6
ISBN-13: 978-1-934159-47-7