The Grave Robbers’ Chronicles

Volume 4: Palace of Doom

By Xu Lei
Translated by Kathy Mok

It’s a grave robbing reunion when Fats, Poker-face, Panzi and Uncle Three’s long suffering nephew find themselves on a train headed for the mountainous Korean border, in search of a mysterious, mythical palace. They have no idea why Uncle Three has sent the message that brought them all together again, or why their leader has chosen to include an enigmatic tomb-looting brigand who is elderly, possibly blind, and dangerous.

In a world of glaciers, avalanches, and blizzards, guided by a villager whose meek demeanor soon slips into menace, the expedition quickly discovers that they aren’t alone in their search for the peak that holds the palace. Their femme fatale adversary, Ning, is on the same trail, with a team of foreigners—and quite possibly a hostage. Is Uncle Three being held prisoner? Is their village guide a killer? And does the palace that eludes their search have a connection with the cavern of the blood zombies, the underground tomb, and the gargantuan bronze tree with its eerie powers?

Only one thing is certain. There will be no answers until Uncle Three chooses to provide them—and if the grave robbing comrades live to ask their questions. As they move deeper within the maze of mountain tunnels, all of them begin to wonder if this adventure will be their final quest…

Palace of Doom, the fourth volume of The Grave Robbers’ Chronicles, tightens its noose of suspense around the necks of its characters and provides more of the monstrous creatures that nightmares are made of in this claustrophobic, chilling Chinese saga. Will the fifth volume provide answers, more questions, or a finely tuned mixture of both?

About the Author

Xu Lei was born in 1982 and graduated from Renmin University of China in 2004. He has held numerous jobs, working as a graphic designer, a computer programmer, and a supplier to the U.S. gaming industry. He is now the owner of an international trading company and lives in Hangzhou, China with his wife and son. Writing isn't his day job, but it is where his heart lies.

2013, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches; 288 pages; paperback; color images
ISBN-10: 1934159344
ISBN-13: 978-1934159347