American Boarding Schools

Directory of U.S. Boarding Schools for International Students

Edited by Celeste Heiter
English edition (see Chinese edition)

American Boarding Schools provides all the information necessary for parents and students to make informed decisions about attending a boarding school in the United States. Essays by admission professionals, teachers, student counselors as well as currently enrolled international students outline how the admission process works, how to choose the right school, how to get admitted, and what to expect once you are in. A directory of leading boarding schools gives a detailed description of each school’s programs, requirements, curriculum, facilities, and college placement history.

Celeste Heiter
With her lifelong love of Japan, its people, and its culture, Celeste Heiter believes that she may have been Japanese in a previous incarnation. Inspired by a lifelong dream to visit the Great Buddha at Kamakura, she moved to Tokyo in 1988, where she spent two years teaching English conversation. Celeste now makes her home in California’s beautiful Napa Valley, with the most treasured souvenir of her life in Japan: her son Will. She is the author of Vignettes of Japan, Ganbatte Means Go For It, The Sushi Book, and Five Seven Five. She writes about her adventures in Asian food and film on her blog, Chopstick Cinema.

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