ThingsAsian Kids is dedicated to making books that will help children hold the farthest corners of the world in their hands, in their minds, and in their hearts. Many of the ThingsAsian Kids titles are bilingual books introducing children to different Asian languages.

Lost & Found Books

Lost & Found Photo Books offer a peek at some of Asia’s most exciting cities through the eyes of people who call these places home.


The To Asia With Love guidebooks feature personal essays and practical travel information from more than fifty expatriates, experienced travelers, and locals about their favorite destinations and experiences in the region.

Asia on Foot

The Asia on Foot guidebooks give independent travelers enticing and easy-to-follow walking itineraries, letting them see Asia’s great cities with an intimate and knowledgeable point of view.

The Grave Robbers’ Chronicles is a Chinese fantasy/adventure series in China by Xu Lei, one of the country’s most popular writers.  It’s kept millions of Chinese readers awake far into the night for years. Now it’s your turn...

Who can resist the pleasures of armchair travel? Explore another world through the stories of people who have lived far from home—maybe they will kickstart your next trip!

Experience another country by cooking its food—from the delights of sushi to the home-cookery of Myanmar. These cookbooks and food guides are guaranteed to save you from one more night of macaroni and cheese or tuna casserole.

These books guide readers into an underlying layer of life within Asian countries through striking photography and writing that’s both engaging and insightful.