Defiled on the Ayeyarwaddy

One Woman’s Mid-Life Travel Adventures on Myanmar’s Great River

By Ma Thanegi; Photographs by Ma Thanegi

As she approaches her sixties, Ma Thanegi decides to satisfy a lifelong dream. Jumping on any boat that would let her onboard, she begins a leisurely exploration of Myanmar’s thirteen hundred-mile long Ayeyarwaddy River. Always hungry—for food, conversation, and a good story—Ma Thanegi clearly savors and vividly describes every adventure she encounters, whether she is traveling into the Cyclone Nargis-stricken delta region, feeding a dragon, or careening down the rock-infested white-water gorge of the Ayeyarwaddy’s First Defile. 

Ma Thanegi
An artist, a writer, and a former political prisoner, Ma Thanegi has "walked the walk" in every aspect of her varied life. The author of the travel classic, The Native Tourist, she has written many books on the art and history of Myanmar.

2010, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches; paperback; color images
ISBN-13 978-1-934159-24-8
ISBN-10 1-934159-24-7