Ganbatte Means Go for It!

... Get Hired in Japan

by Celeste Heiter
Photographs  by Robert George

“So you want to live and work in Japan?
Well…take it from one who’s done just that: Pack your bags, pull up your socks, and get ready for the experience of a lifetime.”

This book walks you through how to land a job teaching English (as well as many other opportunities beyond that) in Japan.

It contains a wealth of resource information, with the addition of experiences, insights, and recommendations by thirty contributors with recent experience, or who currently live and work in Japan.

Inside you’ll find:
• The all important quiz: Do You Have What It Takes?
• Step by step instructions on: 
  Researching from Home
  Preparing for the Move to Japan
  Arriving in Japan
  Finding a Place to Live
• The Contemporary Job Market and What You’ll Need to Land a Job in Japan
• Dealing with Immigration
• Extensive list of resources
  Survival Tips
  Cultural Do’s & Don’ts
  Books We Like
  Movies We Like
  Useful Telephone Numbers

Celeste Heiter

Robert George

2015, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches; 240 pages; paperback
ISBN-10: 1-934159-45-X
ISBN-13: 978-1-934159-45-3