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Liberace's Filipino Cousin

by David R. Brubaker

Be warned. This is a dangerous book. Long before you finish reading Liberace's Filipino Cousin, you'll find yourself planning your own trip to the Philippines.

David Brubaker knows and loves this corner of the world, and his passion for it is infectious. History, humor, and travel tips are brought together in his tantalizing glimpses of this country of 7000 islands and the delightful people who live there. As you read and laugh your way through these pages, you'll be learning how to navigate your way through the crazy streets of Manila, how to travel country roads to meet an island witch who uses her powers to heal, how to join one of the most exclusive clubs on earth, and above all, how to enjoy your time in a country that is still off the beaten track for many travelers.

In the meantime, meet the Tampon Queen, the child who just might be the reincarnation of the revered Santo Nino, and the friendliest Hobbits the world has ever known, as you wander through the Philippines with David. Eavesdrop on conversations that will broaden your knowledge of a complex society and peer into corners that will fascinate you—and may break your heart just a little. Believe me, you’ll have a wonderful time.

David R. Brubaker
David Brubaker is happiest when exploring and traveling, mindful that there is much to see and time marches on. He has worked and studied in a wide variety of countries, most notably the Philippines and China. He especially enjoys visiting neighborhoods and interacting with local residents and has an eye for the unusual. He lives in Lititz, Pennsylvania with his wife Marilyn and their three cats.

2016, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches; 160 pages; paperback
ISBN-10: 1-934159-65-4
ISBN-13: 978-1-934159-65-1