Lost & Found Hong Kong - 香港

A Travel Guide for the Connoisseur

Edited by Janet McKelpin

Photographs by Hank Leung, Albert Wen, Blair Dunton, Elizabeth Briel, Li Sui Pong

Each person experiences a city differently. In Lost & Found Hong Kong, readers discover one of the world’s most exciting cities through the photographs of five unique residents. Wander the streets with Blair Dunton, as she reveals Hong Kong’s storied society; with Elizabeth Briel, as she shares her fascination with the sea and forgotten spaces; with Hank Leung, as he juxtaposes everyday people with monuments to the gods of commerce; with Li Sui Pong, as he explores how Hong Kong echoes nature; and with Albert Wen, as he captures a city always on the go. With vibrant, original photographs that range from detailed still life to active panorama, Lost & Found Hong Kong invites readers to get lost in the spirit of Hong Kong.


Janet McKelpin
Born in Hong Kong, Janet McKelpin now lives in San Francisco, California, where she works as a designer and editor. In her quest to discover what it is like to live in the city of her birth, she invited five residents to share their visions of Hong Kong: artist Elizabeth Briel, English teacher Blair Dunton, lawyer Hank Leung, student Li Sui Pong, and publisher Albert Wen. 

Hank Leung
Hunghom 紅磡

Albert Wen
Wanchai 灣仔
Traveler and occasional snapshot photographer

Blair Dunton
English teacher

Elizabeth Briel
Lamma Island 南丫島
Artist and photographer

Li Sui Pong
Pok Fu Lam 薄扶林

2010, 7 1/8 x 9 1/2 inches; 288 pages; paperback; color photos
ISBN-10: 1-934159-17-4
ISBN-13: 978-1-934159-17-0